Unlucky at the #DBSNauticalChristmas Party

The Davao Bloggers Society Christmas Party was held last December 7, 2019 at Home Crest Hotel. The theme was “Nautical Christmas” but I never had the chance to prepare a bongga outfit due to time constraints, so I only wore what was already available in my closet that was close to nautical. And yet , I was unlucky because I never got chosen to be a finalist for best dressed. Of course, everyone in the event were dressed to the nines. My outfit was nowhere near how bongga their outfits were. If I only had the time, I would have worn a Philippine Navy uniform lol.

*photo by Andrew Dela Serna

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This post is long overdue! Wore this outfit last June for our Acquaintance Party which had “Casino Night” as its theme. I had no idea what to wear, I even considered wearing the basic Verna formula which consists of t-shirt + shorts + sneakers or slides. As a guest in a casino, you are expected to look a certain way. I googled some outfits that I can wear and most of them are suits, sparkly dresses or feather-y skirts. I don’t wear formal clothes that much, only when specifically told to do so, or the event requires me to wear one. I don’t even have a dress watch! Good thing I had these clothes ready for me to wear, I didn’t have to spend a single penny! So, what do you think of this look?

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Holcim continues supports for construction sector in Davao

Last April 24, 2019, Officials of Holcim Philippines and the Davao Constructors Association Center, Inc. signed a supply agreement for Holcim to provide reliable cement supply to builders in Davao, renewing their supply engagement in 2018which involved 320,000 tons of cement. Holcim will provide up to 400,000 metric tons of cement to the Davao Constructors AssociationCenter, Inc. (DCACI), one of the leading building groups in southern Mindanao with 179 members.

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Mapua emerges number 1 in 2019 Young Builders Design Challenge

Mapúa University’s School of Architecture’s senior students, Dexter Pangan, Czarrina Hernandez, Kendrick Supnet and Erik Joshua Isip won Holcim’s sustainable design contest hailed as 2019 Young Builders Design Challenge, winning over 13 other entries from 8 different schools, bringing home P80,000 prize and P20,000 for their school. The team won with a proposal for building spacious and cost-efficient public schools that are more conducive for learning.

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My newest chocolate discovery: Xocolate by FEDCO

I’m not very much into sweets but I really do like eating chocolates. I tend to eat chocolates whenever I study, since  they give me the energy boost I need to keep myself awake when reading. However, eating chocolates can cost me a hefty amount of money from my school allowance. Good thing I discovered one that is locally made and is cheaper than most chocolates I crave!

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