This post is long overdue! Wore this outfit last June for our Acquaintance Party which had “Casino Night” as its theme. I had no idea what to wear, I even considered wearing the basic Verna formula which consists of t-shirt + shorts + sneakers or slides. As a guest in a casino, you are expected to look a certain way. I googled some outfits that I can wear and most of them are suits, sparkly dresses or feather-y skirts. I don’t wear formal clothes that much, only when specifically told to do so, or the event requires me to wear one. I don’t even have a dress watch! Good thing I had these clothes ready for me to wear, I didn’t have to spend a single penny! So, what do you think of this look?

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I’ve always had a fascination for clothes that are quirky and fun – be it socks, tees or button-downs. Luckily, I found this button-down at a Department Store and bought it instantly. I was actually on my way to the cashier when I stumbled upon this top. Its  print was so cute and quirky that I just couldn’t pass it up! Luckily I got it on sale for only 300 pesos.  On another note, there’s nothing really interesting with my life recently, that’s why I wasn’t able to update the blog often than usual.

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This is what I wore to the Fashion Weekend Davao last Sunday at Abreeza. I will be posting the event soon! Currently sorting out 300+ photos, yep that many. Anyway, on to my outfit. We were told to just wear clothes that best represent our personal style. I wouldn’t mind wearing my usual PE/sports shorts, shirt and slides tho lol kidding. I’ve been curating green stuff lately from shoes to bags to clothes, I even have this weird addiction to green that I wouldn’t drink milk tea if the plastic cup isn’t green haha. So, what do you think of this look? Continue reading “Green-Minded”


And Again

This is what I wore to the recent food-tasting for the relaunch of Pyro. And yes, I wore all black again. I just can’t get enough of black when I do not have the time to think of what to wear. Anyway, I’ve been busy with all the school stuff (and a monsoon of exams) lately that I just want to get away from Davao and just chill. I am supposed to be in Manila right now and Ilocos over the weekend, but my exams hindered me to do so. So diba sayang yung back and forth ticket ko, PAL pa naman! Tss. Currently, I am looking for tours and seat sales that would be consistent with my schedule. Anyway, what do you think of this look? (actually, adik sa kanto ang peg ko sa outfit ko haha)

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