Quarantine Errands

VernaAbril - QuarantineErrands (3)

It’s not easy to get out of the house because of the current situation we are in. Your keys and wallet are not the only things you should never forget if you get out of the house, you also need to remember to bring your face mask! Thus, I wore one when I did some errands yesterday.

VernaAbril - QuarantineErrands (1)

Anyway, today is Friday, which means today will be the last episode of 2gether The Series! I’m actually preparing myself emotionally for the last episode, lol. Have you seen my Youtube video where I forced my straight friends to watch 2gether? If you haven’t, you can watch here. Also, tomorrow will be the workshop of Tharntype Season 2 and I am super excited!

VernaAbril - QuarantineErrands (2)

button-down – Shopee | shorts – Penshoppe | watch – Lacoste | bag – Pacsafe

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