My newest chocolate discovery: Xocolate by FEDCO

I’m not very much into sweets but I really do like eating chocolates. I tend to eat chocolates whenever I study, since  they give me the energy boost I need to keep myself awake when reading. However, eating chocolates can cost me a hefty amount of money from my school allowance. Good thing I discovered one that is locally made and is cheaper than most chocolates I crave!

Let me introduce to you my newest chocolate discovery, Xocolate by FEDCO (Federation of Cooperatives in Mindanao). Their producst are made using high-quality fermented cacao beans. Their line consists of the Xocolate Tablea,  Xocolate bar with banana flakes, Dark Xocolate bar, and Xocolate Gift Box. 

The Xocolate Tablea retails for P125 per box of 180g. This is perfect as a choco drink and champorado. Now I’m craving for some champorado

The Xocolate Bar with Banana Flakes 60% retails at P114.  Xocolate bar 70% costs P114 also. Xocolate bar with banana flakes is my personal favorite!

Xocolate by FEDCO is availabe at:

  • Echostore Davao, Diversion Road, Davao City
  • Cacao City, Palma Gil St., Davao City, near Pasalubong Center
  • LUNA Lifestyle Cafe, Corner Porras and Inigo St., Obrero, Davao City

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