DIY BuDa Day Tour

Hello blog world! I got really busy with school that’s why I wasn’t able to post in months. I even missed a lot of launch parties, Christmas parties, and many other parties that include a lot of drinking haha. Anyway, I recently just got back from my BuDa trip.

For those who aren’t familiar what BuDa is, well BuDa is a short term for Bukidnon-Davao highway located at Marilog District, Davao City. It is one of the most relaxing places in Davao when you want to escape the traffic and pollution in the city.  Contrary to the very hot and annoying weather in the city, BuDa boasts of its cold windy breeze. The weather is bearable in BuDa, but when a gush of wind will pass through, the coldness will definitely be felt even when the sun is shining brightly.

We hailed a Cagayan via Bukidnon bus at Ecoland Terminal early in the morning. We told the bus driver to drop us off at Seagull Mountain Resort. When we got off, we went straight to Cicada Hills which is just right infront of Seagull. The place is perfect for taking pictures as lush pine trees will greet you when you enter the gates. Also, taking pictures is for free!

We decided to have our breakfast at Seagull, and to also try the famous Suman at Sikwate which was priced at 65 pesos. We didn’t go inside the resort and swim because we were only planning a day tour and I had something scheduled by the afternoon in Davao City. 

Going to Bemwa, we rented a habal-habal. We got a deal of 500 pesos (250 x 2) which included routes to Bemwa, Hills View and Wild Berry from Seagull. When we arrived at Bemwa, we paid a consumable 50-peso ticket. You can use the ticket when buying food inside the Farm like lugaw, iced teas, juices, and strawberry taho. Be reminded though that the strawberry taho is only available during weekends. 

They sell lettuce, strawberry, strawberry jam, salad dressings and chocolates. Strawberries, however, are not sold during Mondays because they have deliveries in Davao on those days. 

Then we went to Hills View Mountain Villa. We paid 50 pesos to hike going to the villa with the view of these magnificent mountain ridges. We even chanced upon an eagle flying just close by! If you’re planning to go here, make sure your car is a 4-wheel drive because the road going to this place was hell! haha. If you’re using a sedan or a hatchback, just park your car somewhere and rent a habal-habal, it’s for your convenience and safety as well.

After staying for about 30 minutes, we decided to have lunch at Wild Berry. The restaurant looks messy, but in a good way. Just go see the place and you’ll know what I mean. It’s located just at the highway, right before the checkpoint going to Bukidnon. 

The resto also sells kitchen collectibles like plates, cups, mugs and even shot glasses!

We ordered Lachica Loca Chicken, Strawberry Shake and Garden Salad. And I tell you, the chicken and potato taste way better than the Chicken and Mojos in Shakey’s. The salad was also very addicting because of the strong vinaigrette which complemented well with the veggies.

Right after lunch, we already headed home. Going home was a struggle though if you are just commuting to and from Davao. We waited infront of Wild Berry for a good 30 minutes before we could finally ride a bus. The bus was also non-aircon which sucks especially if you pass through Calinan already, the heat of the city just slaps you in the face! Also, we had to stand for a couple of minutes since the bus was full of passengers. Eh kesa naman manigas kami sa kakahintay sa BuDa ng bus na medyo comfortable, we just took the chance and rode the very uncomfortable bus. Overall, it was a good trip, one for the books.

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