Budget-friendly meals at Harden Home Cafe

VernaAbril-Harden Home (11)

Want affordable frappes, pasta and rice meals? Harden Home Cafe has just relaunched and has just added more scrumptious food selections to their menu! The wide array of food selections in budget-friendly prices are perfect for students, like me, who are struggling on a tight budget.

VernaAbril-Harden Home (10)

The place screams “home” by the tables and chairs that mirror the dining table we have in our respective homes. Harden Home Cafe definitely lives up to its name by being home-y.VernaAbril-Harden Home (12)

Now let’s talk about the food. As mentioned earlier, their food selections are budget-friendly. The prices are much lesser compared to other cafes that offer similar dishes. For example, this Nachos and Cheese which you can get for only 60 pesos!VernaAbril-Harden Home (3)

This humungous Cheeseburger for 75 pesos. VernaAbril-Harden Home (7)

If you feel like you can’t finish the Cheeseburger,don’t worry, they also have the Mini size for 45 pesos. Their French Fries comes in two flavors (Cheese and Sour Cream) for only 50 pesos. VernaAbril-Harden Home (1)

I spy Seventeen! For those who don’t know, I’ve been a stan of Seventeen since their pre-debut days and I’m proud of what they have achieved for the past 2 years. By the way, you can get hold of their remote, you can basically watch anything you want, very home-y, right?VernaAbril-Harden Home (13)

Rhum Porkchop for 75 pesosVernaAbril-Harden Home (5)

Fish in Creamy Butter Sauce for 75 pesosVernaAbril-Harden Home (4)

Squid Rings for 65 pesosVernaAbril-Harden Home (2)

Harden Frappe, which you can order in small and regular sizes, for 75 pesos and 130 pesos respectively. VernaAbril-Harden Home (6)

Green Tea Milkshake for 120 pesosVernaAbril-Harden Home (8)

See how happy I am? lolVernaAbril-Harden Home (9)

 Harden Home Cafe is located at Acacia St, Corner Clachuchi St, Juna Subdivision, Matina, Davao City, near Ateneo Matina. I promise, you won’t regret coming.

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