Fashion Weekend Davao: Cruise 2017-18 Fashion Show

The second Fashion Weekend Davao culminated with a fashion show showcasing the designs by the winners of last year’s Stellar fashion design competition, garments inspired by the 11 Kadayawan tribes of Davao by members of the Davao Fashion and Design Council (DFDC), and high-street fashion brands housed by Abreeza. The fashion show also showcased designs based on Ann Pamintuan’s award-winning furniture pieces, but those designs will be featured on my next post, so tune in for that! For now, I’ll start with the high-street luxe brands. (Side note, was happy I got to sit front row to take photos properly!)

Artwork – the childhood favorite. I’ve been a sucker for this brand since high school and it’s refreshing to see new designs other than the usual white printed tees.

CollezioneWorship GenerationPeople Are People. Eyeing the bomber jacket!Plains N Prints. Coveting the second look, appropriate for law school!Mags. That white vest tho!Esprit

Gap. I would wear all these outfits.

Now, on to the designer pieces.

Neil Patrick Jimlani. Feeling resort vibes with his collection. The blue outfit is definitely my favorite.Benjie Panizales. Like mentioned earlier, the garments are inspired by the Kadayawan tribes in Davao, hence the bead-work.Sexy back details.Lala ChuaWilson Limon. The bead work in his collection is insane! Aztec Barba. You want regalo? Make yourself the regalo! Chos. The ribbons in this collection definitely make a statement.Edgar Buyan. Are those prints familiar? Yes! This one is inspired from the painting inside Museo Dabawenyo.Windell Mira. See that coat over at the right side? I literally screamed “owww” when I saw it on the runway. I want!And my favorite collection on the fashion show, Dodjie Batu. Aren’t his pieces just so stylish? I mean look at those details! I personally covet the paisley-ish print blazer (I know it’s not paisley, it’s more like leaves, but I don’t know what to call that print specifically) and the man-romper.  His collection is hands down my favorite collection I’ve seen on the runway. Currently stalking his pieces on the internet haha.  This is just the first part of the Fashion Weekend Davao fashion show. Watch out for the second part soon here on the blog. Anyway, what do you think of this post?

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