Student Handbook?

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What is a handbook? Merriam-Webster states that a handbook is a small book that gives useful INFORMATION about a particular subject. Now, what does the Constitution provide regarding right to information? Section 7, Article 3 of the Constitution provides that “The right of the people to information on matters of public concern shall be recognized”.

Let’s look now to the rights of the students to information. Section 17 of the Magna Carta for students provides that “The right of the students to information on matters affecting welfare shall be recognized. Access to official records and other pertinent documents pertaining to official acts, transactions, or decisions shall be afforded the students subject only to reasonable regulations that may be imposed such as time for examining the documents and other papers to prevent loss or damage of the same”.

And since we have established the importance of handbook regarding USEFUL INFORMATION and the rights of the people and students to information, Section 20 of Magna Carta of students provides further that “Students’ academic freedom shall consist of; but not limited to; the following rights: (h) to participate in the drafting and/or revision of the student handbook which shall include the school rules and regulations, A COPY OF WHICH SHALL BE FURNISHED TO THE STUDENTS UPON ADMISSION TO THE SCHOOL”.

Handbooks are revised from time to time. The rules in the year 1994 might be different to the rules in 2011 and 2014. Now, what if you receive and outdated student handbook upon admission to your school? Then there is a clear violation of your right as a citizen and as a student, because giving out handbooks that are outdated gives you the wrong and outdated information.

Never be afraid to demand an updated handbook, dear students. Never be afraid to express your sentiments. It is your right at stake. Some of you might neglect the importance of a handbook, but let me tell you this, your handbook is your student bible upon admission to your school. It is the basis for computation of your grades, basis for disciplinary actions when wrongdoings are committed, basis for rules and regulations you must abide to, and so many other things that will guide you in your whole student life in the college/university/academic institution you are enrolled to. Yes, there may be an updated version online, but when the school still gives you the outdated physical handbooks, then your right to CORRECT INFORMATION is being violated.

Trust me, I’ve been there. So students, do not ever be afraid to demand for your right. I’m blabbing in this blog post with the words “right” and “information”, but I just want to emphasize these terms in the simplest words and blog post possible. Thank you for reading this far! I’m sorry this is the most boring blog post ever, but hey, I just wanted to help. I do hope this helps!

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