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Pyro Relaunch!

Pyro just recently re-opened their doors with bigger dishes and new flavors. Pyro is an Asian Fusion Restaurant here in Davao City with a menu that’s pretty overwhelming that you’ll get second-thoughts at first, but when you get to try their dishes, you’ll regret having such second-thoughts.

For starters, they have the Octopus Salad that consists of mango relish, crispy kamote, of course some greens, octopus, topped with sesame ginger vinaigrette. I honestly didn’t try this dish because I am allergic to gulay haha jk (P180).

This is their Longganisa Scotch Quail Egg with cerveza vinegar. It felt weird at first upon hearing the dish’s name, but when I got to get one bite, gahd it was delicious as hell! The crunch from the egg’s exterior complements the soft interior which is the quail egg. Their cerveza vinegar tastes similarly with the local sukang pinakurat here in the Philippines (P110).Shrimp and Aligue Pasta (P210)This is the Thai Shrimp Kebabs topped glazed with spicy coconut sauce. (P190)Pyro Fried Chicken Basket (P320). This tastes like something coated with Teriyaki sauce, but milder. This is served with sesame slaw and pickled vegetables. Sticky Hoisin Ribs (P300). Pork ribs braised in Asian Flavors and finished on the grill for a smoky flavor. The atseuete garlic rice that comes with it is delish. Philly Bulgogi Cheese Steak (P220)And last but not the least, the GRAND FINALE, the Ice Cream Platter consists of homemade ice cream with five unusual flavors to choose from. I mean butter beer and spiced squash? But I tell you, you’ll never regret ordering such! (P320 for platter, P85 for one bowl)
Visit Pyro at Door 5A, Mabini Commercial Complex, Mabini Street, Barangay 9A, Davao City.

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