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Pastanni opens at SM Lanang Premiere

I was introduced to Italian culture when I was in my third year in college for a subject, and that includes being familiar with Italian food, which mainly consists of lots of pizza and pasta. Most of the Italian restaurants in Davao can come in hefty prices, so I was ecstatic when I discovered Pastanni late last year because they are much much more affordable than other Italian restaurants. Pastanni is an Italian Streetfood Restaurant which specializes in fusing Italian specialties with Filipino ingredients.

I’ve always liked their vegetable salad with ceasar dressing that I always order on whenever I visit their Abreeza branch. Good thing now that they’ve opened their second branch at SM Lanang Premiere. For the second branch, the owner, Ms. Annie, expanded the list of food choices to cater to more people’s tastebuds.

Cheese & Pimiento Sticks wrapped in Pinoy lumpia wrapper

Five Layer Dip

Pnoy Puttanesca – pasta puttanesca is originally made with anchovies but in Pastanni, they substitute salted fish in replacement for anchovies

All Mighty Carbonara – they make their carbonara in a true Italian way by using eggs and cheese, not cream that Filipinos use to make carbonara

Roasted Lemongrass Chicken – tastes like Pinoy lechon manok

Focaccia Salami Sandwich

Primo Pizza 

Mexican Pizza

They also have cookies and cupcakes for sale.

I’m sure all Kpop and K-drama addicts out there are familiar with Bingsoo, right? They serve the Italian version of Mango Bingsoo called Mango Snow. This is the perfect way to cleanse the palette after a scrumptious savory meal served by Pastanni.

Visit their second branch at SM Lanang Premiere, ground floor, right infront of BDO.

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