Converse Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Converse has an all-new Spring/Summer 2017 lineup with innovations on their designs and materials used. Each pair now is more comfortable and stylish than ever. Read on for more.

A crossover built for extra comfort and cushioning, Converse Lunarlon shoes bring Nike’s Lunarlon technology to classic Converse styles. The Lunarlon cushioning gives more comfort for Chuck users since it is padded, plus gives a tiny bit of height too. It is also detachable. Additionally, the new chucks use a tougher canvas, which makes the overall shoe feel sturdy.

Converse also released their new Climate Counter line that helps you rock Chucks on every season, may it be cold or hot weather. Literally, the design counters any climate which means that when it helps cool your feet during hot season and heats up when it’s cold. Simply put, you can do anything you want in all types of weather conditions. 

One of the biggest innovations also by Converse is their no-slip tongue, which helps the tongue of the shoe intact. 

The famous and viral Converse Nude Collection is sadly, only exclusive for UK. But on a lighter note, Davao branch is looking into having this design for pre-order, or having this line in stores. Let’s just wait and see!

*photo from here*This is probably my favorite design from all designs presented. I’m hinting since my birthday is near LOL. Anyway, overall I liked the new innovation of Converse. I’m looking into having a new pair for myself. You should get yours too! Check the nearest Converse store near you. #ForeverChuck

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