I jaywalked

If you’ve been following me on my social media accounts, it isn’t news to you that I was invited to attend a seminar because I was caught jaywalking, and get this, I got caught in front of the City Hall. How ironic! To tell you tho, I did not see the pedestrian lane because cars were too close to each other that I couldn’t even see the ground. It was only when I reached the other side of the road that I realized that there was actually a pedestrian lane nearby. So why did I share this to you? Read more.

During the seminar, we were told to share the rules and regulations about jaywalking. Anti-jaywalking is not merely just walking on the pedestrian lane. Here are some of the rules that I remember:

1. Use pedestrian lanes when crossing, obviously.

2. Do not cross when the crosswalk light is red, wait for the human symbol to appear before crossing.

3. Do not unload on the pedestrian lane. Both driver and passenger will be fined.

4. Do not park on the pedestrian lane.

5. Anyone can be fined. And when I say anyone, I mean anyone. There were people of different jobs, schools and ages that were caught and invited to the seminar.

So basically just follow road rules and regulations as drivers, passengers and cross-walkers. This is posted for the purpose of partly humiliating myself because I came from a clan of policemen and teachers with high ranks, and partly for the awareness of the readers that I hope can share this as well. 

beanie – a souvenir from Palawan | muscle tee – DIY | slides – Adidas

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