2017 Travel Bucketlist

IMG_4362In 2016 I was able to travel here in the Philippines and abroad. In those travels, I was able to experience new people, new culture and realize new things about myself. I was able to also know more about myself. With the new year just starting, I  made a list of places I want to visit. This list makes me want to work even harder to achieve these goals. So here’s my 2017 Travel Bucketlist:

IMG_29821. Batanes. I watched the movie “You’re My Boss” last 2015 and was in awe of the beautiful scenery that is Batanes. I want to experience the Honesty Coffee Shop, Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint, Chavayan Village and Racuh a Pamayan.

2. Surigao del Sur. Enchanted River, ’nuff said.

3. Vigan. I have this thing for old Filipino places. I badly want to visit the rustic McDonald’s and Calle Crisologo. Actually, already booked  a flight to Manila this August with friends, and we’re meaning to include Vigan in our itinerary. vernabytes-el nido (1)

4. Cebu. Like what I said, I have a thing for old Filipino places. I want to visit the cliche’ tourist-y places like Magellan’s Cross and many others.

5. Thailand. This is the only international place I want to travel to this year. I want to go to Phuket and experience the beach life, or Bangkok for its urban busy life.

6. Haunted Houses in Baguio. My adventure-thirsty self wants to visit 5 of the haunted houses in Bagiuio, with someone else of course. I’m such a chicken if I’m just alone. IMG_4241

7. Lake Holon, South Cotabato. This is the one I’m most passionate and excited about. Already scheduled a climb there this March as a birthday gift for myself.

8. Puting Bato, Samal. Of course before trekking to Lake Holon, I have to “train” myself to trek somewhere near from Davao. Need to get them legs and lungs ready!

9. Coron, Palawan. And lastly, Coron. I’ve been to Puerto Princesa and El Nido already, but I still want more of Palawan. I really want to see the lagoons and beaches for myself. IMG_4262

How about you? What’s your travel bucketlist for this year?

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