Greenwich Pizza Making Camp

Greenwich has been holding their Pizza Training Camp for years already exclusively for kids. Fortunately, the Greenwich team invited bloggers to experience what Pizza Training Camp really is. Mr. Alvin Tolentino started with a brief discussion on how Greenwich started up until its journey into being a pizzeria found in different parts of the country.

 They showed us how their pizza doughs are prepared – from pulling, putting olive oil and to putting small holes on it to prevent bubbling while being baked. Their dough makers are trained in Manila, making them the “dough experts”.

Of course, you cannot make an overloaded pizza without overloaded toppings. One staff made a demo on how to make their overloaded pizza.

First, spread one ladle-full of seasoned pizza sauce. Leave one inch space from the edge of the pizza, and I clearly did not follow. 

Next is cheese.

And then other toppings like onion rings, bell peppers, olives, ground beef, pepperoni, pineapple (yes pineapple slices go with pizza), bacon flakes and MORE CHEEEESE!

I am one happy kiddo!

After minutes of waiting, the pizza is done! The amount of preparations, effort and toppings in every pizza make every round piece delicious! Now I know and understand why Greenwich pizzas taste scrumptious. Thank you Greenwich!

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