Fresh Seafood Delight by Sarangani Bay

I’m sure you’ve all heard about Sarangani Bay Products. Sarangani Bay is the most trusted and largest processor of premium quality bangus and other processed seafood products. It is also the country’s largest exporter of the said products. The clean and fresh water fish of Sarangani Bay is bred by the Alsons Aquaculture Corporation. They have the largest bangus fry hatchery in the Philippines and the largest bangus growing and processing operation in the country. There are numerous options to choose from among Sarangani Bay’s products ranging from Marinated, Unseasoned, Frozen and Cooked bangus products.

To maintain the freshness of the fish products, Sarangani Bay practices the cold chain management that is critical in maintaining the premium quality they offer compared to other fish processors. Sarangani Bay has also expanded internationally, and has become a favorite in countries like the United States, Canada, Guam, Australia, China, and the Middle East. Quality control is seen from the processing plant to our kitchen. With all these careful and crucial processes, all I can say is that their products are worth their prices.

In this event, Sarangani Bay partnered with Peppers Iberica Resto that also celebrates their 1st year anniversary. All seafood prepared were all from Sarangani Bay. Peppers Iberica Resto definitely did magic to these seafood products!

Steamed Pompano.

Garlic Bangus. DE.LI.CIOUS.

Sinampalukang Sea Bass. All these fish delicacies are not available in Peppers Iberica Resto’s menu but you can request them to cook for you.

This is obviously not from Sarangani Bay. This is Peppers Iberica Resto’s specialty, the Iberian Chicken. It’s cooked for 2 hours so you have to call them ahead of time.

Try whipping up your own recipes using Sarangani Bay seafood products! Thank you Sarangani Bay for holding this event!

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