Thank You 2ne1


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For those who don’t know, I am a Kpop fan, especially of 2ne1. So imagine my horror when I heard and read about 2ne1’s disbandment.

I remember way back Fire era when I would be fawning over Dara because well, she is well-known in the Philippines because of Star Circle Quest. Later on, I had a change of heart and fell inlove with my huge Kpop bias, CL. I even had a heart attack (exaggeration intended) when she had her solo debut! I even have all their music videos and dance practice videos saved on my laptop! I even bought merch of 2ne1 that I almost built a shrine in my room for them, well mostly of CL.


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I remember when I first heard of Come Back Home,  I was in my dorm surfing Youtube, I played the song repeatedly that whole morning. I remember when they held a concert in Manila and I wasn’t able to go. I had to resort to fancams uploaded on Youtube, and I would still watch those videos until now. I remember watching Roommate because Bom was there making everyone laugh. I remember watching 2ne1 TV again even when it was aired years ago.

I was devastated when news of Bom being inactive came out because of drug smuggling. I remember how the other 3 members performed in SBS Gayo Daejun 2014 with passion to show hatred. I remember how I cried inside the computer shop when Bom came out on MAMA 2015 to perform with the other members. Then news of Minzy leaving 2ne1 came out. I got mad. I was filled with hatred over YG for quite some time. But I had to understand that Minzy had to leave YG for personal reasons. I thought the other 3 members were preparing for a debut, but I was surprised that CL was still in the US promoting her music and Dara went to the Philippines to judge for some talent show. I had no news about Bom. And now this, the news that every Blackjack knew was gonna happen, but still got shocked anyway.2ne1-performance-dec-2015-billboard-650

*photo source here*

As fans, we have to understand that everything comes to an end. That every ending is an open door for something better. We can see that CL is doing well now in the US. We can see that Dara is doing well with her judging gig in the Philippines, drama career and endorsements. We don’t have any official activities for Bom and Minzy yet but they’ll come around. All we have to do now a fans is to support them in their separate ventures. I just hope that one day, one miracle, they’ll come back together as a group. If not, a reunion performance perhaps.Yes?

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