Muzic’sKool celebrates its 3rd Anniversary


*photo by Chito de Castro*

Muzic’sKool celebrated its 3rd anniversary last October 15, 2016. Muzic’sKool is a music training center that provides students with opportunities to learn, appreciate and to feed their passion for music. This institution is not you ordinary music school, it also has a professional studio where maintream singers record their music like Ryan Cayabyab singers and Jed Madela.

muzicskool-vernaabril-10*photo by Chito de Castro*muzicskool-vernaabril-14muzicskool-vernaabril-13

Mr. Jeremy Sarmiento walked us through from the start of Muzic’sKool up until to what the institution is today. To celebrate its 3rd anniversary, they expanded their school from mainly music to dances as well – hiphpop, ballet, jazz and ballroom. The school has 20 faculties, with many rooms and one teacher per room/cubicle.

We were entertained by Muzic’sKool talents.muzicskool-vernaabril-15We also had the chance to tour around the school.muzicskool-vernaabril-20muzicskool-vernaabril-21muzicskool-vernaabril-22muzicskool-vernaabril-23muzicskool-vernaabril-24muzicskool-vernaabril-1

Not just music and dance, the school also has painting classes. The paintings on the wall were painted by some of the faculty.muzicskool-vernaabril-26muzicskool-vernaabril-2They also allow video recording in their studio. This music video was actually recorded inside Muzic’sKool. There are actually couples who have their pre-nuptial photoshoot inside Muzic’sKool!muzicskool-vernaabril-3

They also produced and composed a song and music video as a campaign for President Duterte.

There are many cubicles inside the school. Each room has assigned musical instrument inside depending on what class you’re attending.muzicskool-vernaabril-5muzicskool-vernaabril-6

Drum lessons are conducted in this room.muzicskool-vernaabril-7muzicskool-vernaabril-25muzicskool-vernaabril-9

Thank you Muzic’sKool for this album!muzicskool-vernaabril-8muzicskool-vernaabril-11

Thank you Muzic’sKool and congratulations!

Door #7, Damosa Building,

JP Laurel Avenue, Lanang, Davao City

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