Zhuhai Tour


Before we headed to Zhuhai, we made a short stop at a famous jade store in Ghuangzhou. They do not only display jades but also give information about how and where they get their jades up for sale through a short introduction inside a room with powerpoint presentation.


This lady right here was the one who gave the introduction. She was speaking in Cantonese, good thing our tour guide was there to translate for us. She’s really pretty too!IMG_3092Next stop is the Statue of the Fisher Girl. The statue holds a great legend that is too long to post. Basically, it’s a love story of an angel who turned herself into a fisher girl, fell in love with a man whom she eventually got married to.IMG_4392

Zhuhai people do not disappoint with their fashion sense!IMG_4384

A trip will never be complete without some shopping! Last stop was Gongbei Underground Market, situated just in front of the Macau-China border. It’s literally underground! The market houses stalls that sell shoes, bags, clothes, accessories, appliances and food! But again, like what I said on this post, do not expect to see authentic designer stuff here, because this is still part of China and in China, everything is possible *wink*.IMG_4396IMG_4397

I didn’t get to take many photos because I got too amazed and got lost inside the market, apologies. This ends my China trip, so, what do you think of this post?

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