Guangzhou Tour

IMG_3031Guangzhou is 2 hours away from the Macau-China border via bus. Luckily,the tour guide during our Guangzhou trip speaks English better than our Macau tour guide so the tour was such a breeze.


Some buildings in Guangzhou are too creepy they look like the ones in horror movies!IMG_4325

There are also a lot of luxury cars in Guangzhou, but always remember that “everything is possible in China”, even fake cars. yep. If you’re looking for authentic branded stuff, go to Macau, do not shop in China.IMG_4327

even iPhonesIMG_4330 IMG_4332

After lunch, we then headed to The Five Rams Statue in Yuexiu Park. Legend has it that there was a famine but after the 5 rams arrived with rice and bestowed the grain to people, the rams gave them bless of “Non-Famine Forever”. IMG_4334IMG_4335

People in China dress like the ones you see on K-dramas!IMG_4371

After dinner, we then headed to the Pearl River Cruise with the view of the Guangzhou TV Tower, Pearl River Lager Beer brewing plant, and various buildings.

Guangzhou TV Tower is the tallest TV tower in Asia. It serves not only as a popular tourist destination but also as an intensive facility for radio and television transmission.IMG_4369IMG_4370IMG_4365

The brewing plant of the local beer favorite, Pearl River Lager Beer, which tastes like our local San Mig Light. Nothing strong.IMG_4372

A lot of bars and restaurants in the city.IMG_4374

Spot Krystal Jung!IMG_4376

The last stop is the Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street, the main shopping destination in Guangzhou. IMG_4379IMG_4382

Leaving you with a photo of Luhan. Watch out for the next post!

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