Macau Day Tour


Finally posting about my Macau trip last July. First stop is Galaxy Hotel. It’s a first class hotel and casino. IMG_4263

Say hello to this Hummer limousine! I felt like a kid in wonderland after looking at a number of Hummer cars infront of Galaxy Hotel.

The Diamond Show inside the hotel. It’s a 5-minute showcase of  an enormous “diamond” that floats out of a fountain under a chandelier while programmed lights shine a rainbow of colors.IMG_4264

Next is A-ma Temple, the oldest temple in Macau. Macau’s name was thought to be derived from the temple. See google for reference.IMG_4265IMG_4266

a tree surrounded by prayer cards inside A-Ma TempleIMG_4267IMG_4270

Our next stop was at Pastelapia Ou Mun Lou Benka. It’s a famous shop in Macau for pastries, biscuits, and Macanese delicacies. They also had free samples so you’ll know which ones to buy.IMG_4269

My favorite from the shop is their barbecue, those red sheets inside the glass display cabinet. IMG_4273

Macau is pretty much surrounded with tall buildings.IMG_4278

Macau is also surrounded by casinos, 43 to be exact and counting. IMG_4282

Also saw a Porsche display room in Macau. Most of the cars in Macau are Mercedes Benz , Audi and Lexus. Di yata uso Toyota doon haha.IMG_4284

More buildings.IMG_4289Next is Grand Emperor Hotel. It’s also a hotel and casino. We were welcomed by their lobby filed with 1kg gold bars. Yes, real gold bars on the floor! Dito nalang dapat mag-mining eh haha. “The “Golden Pathway” is composed literally of 78 bars of 999.9 purity. Each gold bar weighs 1 kilogram and is embossed with a unique number.”


There was a Rolex store inside as well.IMG_4286IMG_4294IMG_4297

More buildings.IMG_4298IMG_4300

Next stop is the ruins of St. Paul Cathedral. This was a very famous church in Macau, but it burned down a long time ago, and only its facade was left standing.IMG_4301

TIP: Do not buy to the souvenir shop that your tour guide will bring you to. There are stalls just a few walks away from the souvenir shop, near Museo de Macau, with much much cheaper prices, almost 100% cheaper than on the souvenir shop you will be brought to. IMG_4302

What’s a city filled with casinos without these “fun” playing cards. IMG_4306Our last stop was at The Venetian Macau. It’s the biggest hotel and casino in Macau, and in the world. It’s not just a hotel and casino, but a shopping haven and conference place as well.IMG_4308

The Grand Canal. You can ride the gondola for 120 Hongkong Dollars, I think.

The skies were very mesmerizing, they felt like they were real.IMG_298213619879_1224066407606509_2410994314798766714_n

Look who I bumped into. Kim Domingo! God she’s so beautiful and sexy. Papayas! haha. Excuse the very haggard face. I was tired from the tour, I mean we started at 9 in the morning and arrived in The Venetian by 3 in the afternoon s imagine my struggle walking while lugging around my DSLR, so yeah.IMG_4311

Most of the shops were on sale during that time because it was summer in Macau, and opening of classes was nearing.IMG_4312IMG_4316IMG_4317

We were actually going to Macau Tower but time did not permit. I badly wanted to try bungee jumping there but meh, too bad I couldn’t because I was with older peeps haha.

Adios from the polluted waters of Macau. See you on the next post!

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