DIY Distressed Denim Shorts

vernabytes_distressedshorts1As mentioned on the previous post, here is how I made my distressed shorts. I’ve seen so many distressed shorts from different lookbooks, editorials and stores particularly high street brands, but I can’t seem to muster my courage (and money) to buy basically cut and destroyed shorts for thousands of pesos. I did a bit of research on different ways to distress some jeans and so far, this technique is my favorite.

What you’ll need:

old pair of jeans (mine were old Uniqlo jeans, look for jeans that don’t have much stretch to them)



IMG_39531. cut jeans into desired length of shortsvernabytes_distressedshorts1

2. cut two parallel lines based on how big you want the distressing to look like
IMG_39483. pull the blue threads out, avoid pulling out the white threadIMG_3952IMG_39564. throw them in the washer and you now have your “new” distressed denim shorts!

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