8 Things To Do This Summer

summer-what-to-do-o (6)

My summer break is not just some “normal” summer break, but it’s a 4-month break because of the sh*tty calendar shift. Oh well, I cannot do anything about it but make the most out of the 4-month break. So I made a list of things to do to “enjoy” my summer break, you can follow this list too if you want!


summer-what-to-do-o (4)1. Attend a summer festival/party. I wasn’t able to attend Summerfrolic in Mati, so I’m hoping I can attend Zouk Out if time and money would allow me.

2. Go on a roadtrip or to the beach. I haven’t gone to any beach yet because of work, but if time would allow, I’d love to go to some beaches tho.

3. Learn something new.

4. Watch all backlog series. I missed out on a lot of series because of school stuff back in March and now work this April. I’d catch up on How To Get Away With Murder, Game of Thrones, The L Word and Orange is The New Black.
summer-what-to-do-o (5)

5. Visit new cafe’s and restaurants. There were many new restos that opened both in Davao and Kidapawan that I’m itching to visit and try out. I haven’t even tried Sagul Bistro yet!

6. Try a new hairstyle. I cut my hair short already, but I’m still not contented with it so I’m planning on dying it blue haha.

7. Workout. I need to work on my laziness tho haha.

8. Work/earn money. Currently doing this.

summer-what-to-do-o (1)

muscle tee – Bench | jeans – Guess (DIY) | sneakers – Converse | watch – Casio G-Schock

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