Sitio Maupot


Just opened last 2015 was the much talked about family resort located at Pangao-an, Magpet, North Cotabato, just 20 minutes away from Kidapawan City proper. The resort boasts its overlooking view of the Kabacan River, modern-ethnic concept, native food, swimming pools and accommodating staff and crew. I first found out about Sitio Maupot through my friends on Facebook. They were raving about the resort that went on for how many months! After seeing the photos my friends were posting, we then finally decided to check out the place.

IMG_2676The overlooking view. Actually when we arrived, there was photoshoot going on for a wedding held at the resort. Yes, the resort is open for weddings, birthday parties and other events.IMG_2675excuse my faceIMG_2769This building is where food is served. Below is the reception for the wedding I mentioned above, and on the second floor is where the buffet is served. Entrance fee is 100 pesos, if you arrive during lunch or dinner time, you can avail their buffet, just add 200 pesos, already consumable. If you don’t like buffet, you can order at their small cafe, just infront of their playground.IMG_2747the dining areaIMG_2748IMG_2737The buffet food changes every weekend, on that particular day, they served fried tilapia, chopsuey, dilis salad and bistek Tagalog. There were also fruits and iced tea included in the buffet.  The food was okay, the tilapia doesn’t have that fish pond smell, the chopsuey was also okay, but their bistek Tagalog was really delicious! I kept on adding rice on my plate because of their bistek Tagalog haha. Their food might not be the best, but it was satisfying. The view made up for it tho.IMG_2745IMG_2772I just love the assortment of tables and chairs available in this resort! Aside from mere tables and chairs, there were also roofed cottages that look like mushrooms, cute!IMG_2765IMG_2715Haloooo!IMG_2776playground for kidsIMG_2777IMG_2778Swimming pools. If you want to swim, you have to pay another amount, I don’t know how much though.IMG_2785Even their comfort rooms are very aesthetically pleasing! I was actually just gonna pee but when entered one of their cubicles, I just had to take out my camera and shoot, it took me around 5 minutes to get out of the comfort room haha.IMG_2779It was a nice experience overall. As I’ve mentioned earlier, it took only 20 minutes to arrive at Sitio Maupot from Kidapawan City. If you’re travelling from Davao, just take the Calinan road going to Magpet.

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